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James Henderson
We Shall Survive
by James Henderson

We Shall SurviveHello,

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive”, stated President Trump this week in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square.

There’s an even more fundamental question that God himself has answered: will humanity survive? Although we have survived for multiple thousands of years and at times even thrived, it seems that we are hell-bent on destroying not just ourselves but also the planet along with us.

And, humanity’s survival has nothing to do with our will. Rather, it’s about God’s will, and long ago, even before time as we know it began, God determined in his grace to save us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Of course, let’s strive to live in peace and harmony one with another, but it is because of God’s will that we shall survive.

Therefore there is hope.

Best regards,

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