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James Henderson
We’re All Saints
by James Henderson

We’re All SaintsHello,

This week there has been much discussion about Mother Theresa, who is due to be recognised as a Roman Catholic saint by Pope Francis this coming Sunday. She is described as a tortured soul who, during her many years of devoted service to the poor, felt abandoned by God and was often unable to pray. Her smile, it is said, masked her feelings of rejection and uncertainty.

Biblically speaking, a saint does not have to be perfect. Nor is there a particular ceremony that confers sainthood. In fact, in God’s eyes all believers are saints despite their internal doubts and imperfections. It’s not that we must be perfect, but that Jesus Christ is perfect. And, because Jesus is perfect, there is hope for us all.

Perhaps, like Mother Theresa, at times we suffer bouts of spiritual anxiety and wonder where God is in our distress. And, because of this we feel unworthy and rejected. Christ explains that, even in our darkest moments, he remains with us. He never leaves our side. His presence is continuous.

The news this weekend may cover Mother Theresa’s canonisation. If you read about it or see It on television, let’s remember that God calls all his believers saints, and that he delights in them, viewing them always through his perfect son, Jesus Christ.

Kind regards,

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