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James Henderson
What Sacrifice Will You Make?
by James Henderson

What Sacrifice Will You Make?Hello,

Sacrifice has been in the news this week. From politicians sacrificing their positions for a principle, or their principles for a position, to the unsung heroes who risk life and limb to help victims of cyclone Idai.

The word “sacrifice” is a religious term whereby you’d make an offering in order to be restored to God. Nowadays it also means giving up something of value in order to achieve a common cause or an individual goal.

Next month Christians recall not how we should make a sacrifice to God, but rather how God gave of himself for us. Jesus, the Son of God, sacrificed himself willingly on the cross for our salvation. It’s a message of hope and restoration.

This April, why not make a sacrifice to help someone else? And, also, let’s think about how Jesus died for you and for me that we might share eternally in his life.

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