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James Henderson
What’s Your Credit?
by James Henderson

What’s Your Credit?Hello,

Money has been in the news this week, from the naming of the first company worth one trillion US dollars, to the rise in UK interest rates which might lead to more people being in debt.

Spiritually speaking, some religions see us as beginning life in a kind of spiritual debt. It’s as if we owe a huge amount, and we need to do something, sometimes quite a lot, to work our way into credit. Other ideas include that we begin with a clean slate, neither in credit or in debt, and in that way it’s fair to all.

Christianity takes an entirely different view. All of us are born into grace, with any debts we owed paid up in full through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is not a blank balance sheet because everything is for us. Everything is a plus, a yes for us in Christ. You could call it the credit of abundant grace, and we use this credit to enrich everyone and everything around us.

In fact, to God, we’re worth much more than a trillion dollars!

Why not accept the grace of Jesus and realize your worth?

Best regards,

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