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James Henderson
Where Leadership Begins
by James Henderson

Where Leadership BeginsHello,

Imagine you go for a job interview, and the whole world is able to listen in and to watch whatever you say or do. Your posture and facial expressions can be noted clearly. If you look sick, it’s pretty obvious. This is how it seemed with the US presidential public debate earlier this week. In effect each candidate is applying for, arguably, the most important job in the world, and everyone can see what’s happening.

I wonder what the major qualification for the most important job in the world should be. A long time ago Jesus Christ went on record for fulfilling the most important job ever – our Saviour. What was it that he was willing to do above all other things? Well, the answer is that he was willing to sacrifice himself for us.

Could today’s politicians take a lesson from what Jesus did? Who among them would be willing to give up his or her life by being crucified so everyone else may live?

Perhaps, if you want to serve the people, the first place to start is with a spirit of sacrifice.

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