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James Henderson
Where’s The Christian Section?
by James Henderson

Where’s The Christian Section?Hello,

I was recently in a city where a new bookshop had opened up. I decided to go in and look for any new Christian books that might have come out.

It was easy to find your way around because there were category titles written in large letters above the rows of shelves. "Fiction", Gardening", "History", "Science", "Health", "Fantasy", etc., but I couldn’t find any section to do with Christianity or religion. So, I asked the assistant. He said it was upstairs to the left of the lift. I went up there, and it took a few minutes to discover a small area reserved for religious books. There was no title overhead. One and a half shelves contained books about Christianity. I counted them, and there were 52 books, four of which were Bibles. Then I happened to notice that the adjacent "Cookery" section had 20 rows, each with six shelves packed to overflowing, and a large table stacked with new arrivals from well-known celebrity chefs. My guess is maybe over 2,000 books on cooking! The "Fantasy" section across from it was even bigger.

Personally, I think this is a prayer and action matter. It tells us just what our secular society thinks about us. The Christian voice has been reduced to a small, insignificant, untitled section that is difficult to find.

Let’s do something about it. Pray about it. Talk about Jesus and his Word wherever and whenever you can.

In a positive way make the Christian presence known.

Best regards,

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