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James Henderson
Who Chose You?
by James Henderson

Who Chose You?Hello,

Now, there are elections coming up across Europe, including the UK, France and Germany.

It can be difficult to know how to vote, especially when political parties adjust their policies and manifestos to suit the national mood or changing circumstances.

It can be just as confusing when choosing which faith tradition to follow, if any. So many options and varieties within those options.

When it comes to Christianity, the view is not that we choose Jesus, but that Jesus has already chosen us. His policy is his desire to give us grace and love abundantly. What is remarkable is that nothing changes that policy. It is constant, irrespective of our changing circumstances.

As we think about voting, let’s remember that Jesus chose us. In fact, to confirm his choice, he died and rose from the dead for all people, including you and me.

And, thankfully, he’s coming again to rescue us from the mess we find ourselves in.

Jesus chose you.

Best regards,

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