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James Henderson
Yes Or No?
by James Henderson

Yes Or No?Hello.

This week in the news there has been criticism of “binary” politics. In other words, say in a vote or a referendum, when there is a simple choice between “yes” or “no”. Could there be more options, and is there enough detailed information presented to help people make an educated choice?

When it comes to matters of faith, Christianity challenges us with a choice of two paths. One leads to eternal life and the other to the opposite. The difference is that we know beforehand clearly how our choice will play out. We can stay in this world’s well-trodden way of get. We see this in the news every day — it’s a pathway to destruction and misery. Or we can break free and follow Jesus — his way is the way of giving, loving and sacrifice. It’s to do with putting others before ourselves. It’s the tougher option but it leads to no more wars, fighting, and mental strife. Above all, it takes us to peace and harmony.

What do you think?

It’s time to choose Jesus and follow life.

Best regards,

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