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James Henderson
You Before Me
by James Henderson

You Before MeHello.

The UK’s Queen Elizabeth has told her nation not to be selfish.

The context was to do with a reluctance on the part of some to take up the coronavirus vaccine offer. She said that we should think about other people rather than ourselves.

It’s a good thought in any context. It is especially relevant at this time of year in the run up to the Christian celebration of Easter, which is about putting selfishness behind us. This is what Jesus Christ did – he put us before himself. To choose to sacrifice himself so that ordinary men and women like you and me could live was a selfless act of committed love.

Of course, we can be selfless in less dramatic ways than dying on a cross, as Jesus himself also illustrated in his day-to-day life. Each of us can do this. We can show kindness when we don’t feel like doing so, encourage others when we need to be encouraged, and act out of our comfort zone for the sake of others in countless manners. Some of us may actually lay down our very lives, just as Jesus did for all of humanity.

Being selfless is not seasonal. It’s for every time of the year.

Let’s put selfishness behind us.

Best regards,

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