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Peter Mill
For Goodness’ Sake
by Peter Mill

For Goodness’ SakeHello,

If you were robbed or attacked on a busy street, would anyone stop to help you? Until recently, the commonly held view was, it would be unlikely.

The so-called Bystander Effect demonstrated by psychologists in the 1960s states that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present.

But a group of researchers at Lancaster university have called this theory into question. After analyzing hundreds of hours of CCTV footage of violent situations in the UK, Netherlands and South Africa, they saw that in 90% of cases, one or more bystanders stepped in to help. The more bystanders there were, the greater the likelihood that someone would intervene.

I find this puzzling. In an increasingly selfish and dangerous world, where does this outpouring of altruistic goodness come from? As a Christian, I find the answer to this and many other questions in the ancient wisdom of the Bible, which simply says “whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God”. James 1:17 TLB

Where does human goodness come from? The answer is that it’s a gift from God.

Don’t keep it to yourself.

All the very best,
Peter Mill

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