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Peter Mill
Peace Is Coming
by Peter Mill

Peace Is ComingHello.

All this week I’ve been seeing disturbing images on television, in newspapers and across my laptop screen. Destroyed buildings, mutilated bodies, ruined lives. Will there ever be peace in Palestine?

According to an ancient prophecy, yes there will. Isaiah 9:6 NLT But an end to decades of intense hostilities in the region will not come as the result of treaties, ceasefires or political ambitions. It will be down to one man, a man whose name means peace; whose name is peace. The Prince of Peace, better known to most as Jesus Christ.

What’s in a name? In this case, much more than you would think. The original Hebrew word translated into our English word peace is so much richer in meaning. According to Hebrew scholar Cornelius Plantinga, the word means “justice, and fulfilment…universal flourishing, wholeness and delight. In other words, the way things are meant to be”.

In this centuries old prediction, peace in the Middle East is only just the beginning. The Prince will usher in a whole new world of completeness, harmony, fulfilment, perfection, wholeness, wellness, safety and prosperity.

I for one can hardly wait.

All the very best,
Peter Mill

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