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Peter Mill
The Beginning Of Time
by Peter Mill

The Beginning Of TimeHello again,

I was making up for lost time this week by watching catch-up TV and I came across an interview with an horologist.

He was talking about the history of timepieces, starting with the first crude and inaccurate mechanical clocks. Then, around 1650, the invention of the pendulum revolutionised the time keeping business, enabling the production of precision clocks and watches. Today’s timepieces are incredibly accurate; the current best being the 3D quantum gas atomic clock which will not lose or gain a single second over 15 billion years.

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a time before we had devices that can measure time. Even harder to imagine a time before time itself was a thing.

Scientists conjecture that time probably came into being at the event they call the Big Bang. The early Christian philosopher Augustine said time was a part of God’s creation, so time didn’t happen until we did. Interestingly, science and Christianity broadly agree that time didn’t exist until matter existed.

So if God created time alongside everything else, the next question is why? Since God existed before time began, the only logical answer is, he made time for us to live in.

A staggering thought, but also an immensely encouraging one. Isn’t it nice to know that the creator of the unverse has all the time in the world for you?

All the very best (until the next time),
Peter Mill

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