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Peter Mill
Vote For Me
by Peter Mill

Vote For MeHello,

It has been dubbed the most important election in a generation. Yet in an interesting twist, the Prime Minister broke with tradition by becoming the first in decades to not vote for himself.

While his action has nothing to do with his opinion of himself and everything to do with the location of his nearest polling station, it raises an interesting question. Given the opportunity, would you vote for yourself? Think about it – nobody knows you like you. So, being privy to those inner secrets about yourself no one else in the world has access to, would you put yourself forward to serve your country? Or would you do the decent thing and step down before you stepped up?

2,000 years ago, the supporters of Jesus Christ thought he was going to become king, overthrow the oppressive Roman government and usher in a bright new future for the downtrodden people of Israel. However, the vote went against him and, instead, he died a criminal’s death on Rome’s worst instrument of punishment.

That turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for all peoples, then and now. Jesus rose from the dead and became the only leader who has ever lived who has all our best interests at heart (you can read his manifesto in the Bible and, believe me, it ticks all the boxes).

Jesus didn’t vote for himself, he voted for you. In fact, he’s your biggest supporter.

All the very best,
Peter Mill

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