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Peter Mill
Water Of Life
by Peter Mill

Water Of LifeHello again,

An unusual story in the news this week was about, of all things, a plastic cup. A double handled sippy cup belonging to a 14 year old autistic boy, Ben Carter. Ben has used this type of cup since he was two years old, but the manufacturer ended production and Ben’s current cup is on its last legs.

In desperation, Ben’s dad put out a plea for help on social media. The manufacturer, Tommee Tippee, heard of the family’s plight and came to the rescue. They searched all of their factories worldwide and managed to find an original mould, enabling them to put the cup back into production. Tommee Tippee say they will produce a lifetime’s supply of the cups so that Ben need never be without one again.

This heartwarming story reminds me of another that is also related to drinking. A man called Jesus told a woman at a well that he could give her some special water that would mean she would never be thirsty again. He went on to explain that if anyone drank this water, it would also give them eternal life. In other eyewitness accounts, Jesus is recorded as saying he has the power to provide eternal life to every human being. You can read this for yourself in any bible.

The offer of a lifetime supply of cups really made young Ben Carter’s week. But what about the offer of receiving an everlasting supply of life itself? Surely that is worth further investigation.

All the very best,
Peter Mill

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