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Peter Mill
When Will It End?
by Peter Mill

When Will It End?Hello.

When will the lockdown end? The question is trending on Google in many parts of the world, with search enquiries rising more than 4,000% in the last two days.

It’s hardly surprising; here in the UK we’ve been cooped up like chickens for almost 7 weeks and many people are missing the everyday things we used to take for granted. Some of these items might surprise you, like “Paying for overpriced coffee” “Going to the gym” or “Sitting in rush hour traffic”. Others, like “walking by the river”, “popping out to the pub” or “Nandos” less so.

Me? I miss my church. I miss it terribly. Thankfully, we have a twice weekly live-streamed service, which I am very grateful for. But church is more than that. I miss the people, I miss the hugs and conversation over a cup of tea. And, I’ll admit it, I miss the cakes. But most of all, I miss the feeling of entering into the presence of something so much bigger and more important than myself.

If you have ever encountered the living Jesus Christ, you will understand what I am saying. If not, and you would like to, I would be happy to talk to you about it.

All the very best,
Peter Mill

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