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Richard Fowler
by Richard Fowler


On Wednesday of this week the French people honoured a hero.

I’m sure you remember the story. Last weekend a terrorist gunman took some people hostage at a local supermarket, and Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame decided to swap places with one of them. When the gunman opened fire, Arnaud Beltrame was mortally wounded. French President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to him by saying that he showed "exceptional courage and selflessness." What this Police officer did was extraordinary. He will be remembered not only in France, but also around the world. We feel for and pray for his family, his friends and his nation.

His willingness to give his life in exchange for someone else’s brings to mind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It so happens that it is this week that millions of people around the world remember the anniversary of how one man gave himself to save all of humanity.

Jesus was crucified for you and for me. That way Jesus would die in our place so that our sins would no longer separate us from God. Incredibly, he gave his life for everyone, including his enemies and those who would reject him.

But that was not the end of the story. God raised Jesus from the dead so that we can live a new life, a resurrected life.

If you want to know more about Jesus, and what he did and does for us, drop us a line.

Richard Fowler

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