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Sinead Henderson
A Chance To Help
by Sinead Henderson

A Chance To HelpHello.

These winter conditions give us a chance to help, and to witness to Christ without realizing it.

The other day I was driving along a road when I saw an elderly man walking along it. It was freezing cold, and I stopped to offer him a lift. He was quite taken aback that I should do so. But it was so cold, surely that was the least I could do. When I dropped him off, he said what a Christian thing it was to do, and that he might consider going back to church. I hadn’t mentioned Christianity or my faith. Maybe God was working with him and I did not know it, and somehow Jesus used me to reach out to him.

With these snowy, icy days come opportunities.

Help someone. You never know where it might lead!

Keep warm!
Sinead Henderson

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