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Tony Goudie
Beauty And Barbed Wire
by Tony Goudie

Beauty And Barbed WireHello,

The news of Monday’s terrorist concert bombing in Manchester came screaming onto our mobile phones and television screens to give us a restless night, with the media giving every harsh detail to be read and seen by the world.

What does God think of this?

Of course, we cannot answer everything in these few words, but we can say something.

In the midst of humanity’s ugliness God is Love and Beauty. He always has been and He always will be. We really don’t have the brain cells, music does not have the octave reach, our alphabet does not have enough words to spell out the depths of the loving, empathetic mind of God – and that will always be the way it will be.

In Christ God suffers along with His beloved Creation in all of His power and His strength and concern, and re-assures us that ‘All will be well’ in the far reaches of time and eternity.

God is still absolute Love and Beauty amidst our chaos.

Ultimate beauty still has to wait until the barbed wire of this present evil world has long gone, and is erased for ever.

Meanwhile we must sigh and cry along with God for the families of the victims and for the wounded.

May God’s kingdom come.

Tony Goudie

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