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Tony Goudie
Make The Most Of Your Time
by Tony Goudie

Make The Most Of Your TimeHello

As the UK politicians debate Brexit noisily yet again, they do so within earshot of an unusually quiet Big Ben, clad in 315 feet of scaffolding.

Time has literally taken its ‘toll’, and the great clock is now silenced to all save the constructors’ ears, except for the recent Armistice and to ring in the coming New Year. Some scientists tell us that time is an illusion and we only think that we see the past flowing through the present and on into the future…

I certainly realise I can do nothing now about the past except to learn from its lessons, and that I can certainly do nothing about the future except to plan for it (that’s for sure!). The Christian apologist CS Lewis once wrote ‘We only meet each hour or moment as it comes’, and in the Bible we are told to “redeem” the time, meaning make the most of it.

I hope that’s what the UK government will do…make the most of the time so that, somehow, we can move on in some way.

As for us, as we face the coming New Year with all the uncertainties it might bring, let’s make the most of every moment God gives to us!

Timely regards,

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