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Tony Goudie
Mission To The Son
by Tony Goudie

Mission To The SonHello,

Did you read that NASA is going to launch a solar probe?

This launch to our nearest star is scheduled for just over a year’s time and will be the hottest and fastest space mission yet, travelling the London/Bristol distance every second yet taking seven years for the overall trip.

The one ton craft, named in honour of 89 year old astrophysicist Eugene Parker, will experience solar corona temperatures of 1,377C (2,500F) and at its closest will be only four million miles away from the solar surface.

The PSP (Parker Solar Probe) will cost £1.3 billion and will launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

As Christians, we are also on a journey, but a far more momentous and exciting journey that takes a lifetime, travelling through a seemingly even more hostile environment. This journey is a ‘Mission to the Son’, eventually to be taken by all mankind.

We do not take this journey on our own – we have God’s Spirit as our guidance system and we are also watched over by a ‘Mission Control’: God’s loving awareness of where we are on our journey and how we are getting on.

So whether it’s by day or by night, our voyage is already launched and is on track.

How cool is that?

Timely regards,

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