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Tony Goudie
No Queues For Grace
by Tony Goudie

No Queues For GraceHello,

Did you read in the papers this week about how to join a shopping queue that moves the fastest at a supermarket?

If you’re like me then maybe you would automatically go to the queue with the least number of people - with me especially on the right because I am right handed. Wouldn’t you do too?

I would certainly not go to a line where there is one customer with a huge trolley of goods that looks like they are stocking up for a hard winter.

According to a recent survey, however, you and I would be wrong…

Each person in the longer queue, it is said, will take a little time with pleasantries at the till which, when added up, will delay the overall progress of that line compared to the single person with the heavily stacked trolley.

It is also said in the survey that because most people are right handed they will naturally gravitate to the right queue, so we would be better served to go to the left - even if there is one large load putting us off!

But the things that we see are indeed temporal, regardless of whether we try to save time by going to the left queue or right queue or whether we’re behind a shopper who looks like she emptied her bank account for the groceries.

This all reminds me of a cartoon I saw once about people queuing up to enter through the pearly gates of heaven. St Peter had a list and was ticking off those whose names were on it before letting them in.

Of course, the reality is that when it comes to God’s grace, there are no queues! We don’t have to line up for it because in Christ he has already given it to us abundantly.Don’t wait any longer – accept God’s grace today

All the best,
Tony Goudie

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