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Tony Goudie
The Apple Of His Eye
by Tony Goudie

The Apple Of His EyeHello,

Many of us are probably unaware that mothers instinctively cradle their babies on their left shoulder about 85% of the time. (Mums will probably recognise this when thinking about it but we men may not!)

So why is that? Is it simply because most people are right handed?


Saint Petersburg State University in Russia told us last week that that it seems the answer to the riddle has to do with the way each eye functions.

Apparently the the part of the brain that controls the left eye is faster at processing information than in the right eye so, particularly for mothers, this means it is easier to spot any danger if baby is on her left side.

(It also seems to hold true for many animal species with parallel eyes. Whales, horses and walruses mostly keep their little ones on the left side so their left eye can see them more clearly especially if there is a danger.)

Our God is personified in the Bible as keeping a loving and watchful eye on us. The book of Deuteronomy 32:10 talks about God finding us in difficult circumstances and protecting and keeping us ‘as the apple of His eye’.

Your are precious to God. The apple of his eye.

Best regards,
Tony Goudie

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