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Sinead Henderson
The Sound Of Camp
by Sinead Henderson

The Sound Of CampPicture a woodland setting, blue skies and sunshine, green grass and a cool breeze. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Now, imagine one particular weekend in this amazing setting that is suddenly full of eager kids and adults alike. What does that sound like? The first sounds are excited hellos and squeals of delight as the children are reunited – after two long years – with old friends. The staff too are noisily joyful at seeing each other – together again at last!

It sounds wonderful, and it was. This was the beginning of Adventure Camp 2021. The sounds that followed were a gift to those who were fortunate enough to hear them. The voices joined in singing to God at our daily worship services, the strum of the guitar joining all of camp around the bonfire as we enjoyed a very happy sing-a-long. The quiet voices in the hall as we gave thanks for God’s many blessings, followed by the loud hum of chatter as the kids shared stories of their accomplishments in Archery, on the Go-Karts or of overcoming natural trepidation on the Tunnelling activity!

Not all noises were equal – trying to settle nearly thirty excited campers on that first night’s lights out was not easy, but who can blame them! Some were first time campers, some were with bosom buddies, some had never been away from home before, but all were happy, safe and they loved being together.

What did it sound like at the end? The kids were eager to show their achievements to parents when they turned up for them – certificates for Christian Living, Fitness or perhaps First Aid. Proud voices as they showed off their Painted Pebbles, Leatherwork or Felted Soaps. The loud goodbyes, the shouts of thanks…and then quiet.

A great success, a beautiful weekend, a celebration of our young people over for now, but only until next year. We look forward to doing it all again, in fact we can’t wait and neither can they – now that sounds good doesn’t it?

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