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What Is A Healthy Church?

What Is A Healthy Church?Grace Communion International president, Greg Williams, has set a goal for GCI churches to be the healthiest expression of church we can be.

Several GCI pastors and ministry leaders around the world were asked to define healthy church in a sentence or two. Here are some of their responses:

A healthy church is Christ focused, in loving fellowship and intentionally seeking the Spirit’s lead in wisely being Christ’s body in the community, physically and digitally. – Bharat Naker, Australia

A healthy church is one in which the members not only care for one another but have genuine care and concern for others outside the church. – Debby Bailey, US

When Jesus Christ is truly central in all we believe and do, we will be living in him and he in us. – Bob Regazzoli, Australia

A healthy church is a body of believers who are walking together and seeking to know the blessed Trinity as we are known by them. – Bill Winn, US

A place where the members love, help, and edify each other; a church that thinks about the future and trains the new generation of leaders; a church that looks outward and is open to new people, and a church that does good in its neighborhood, bringing comfort and hope. – Marie Angelique Picard, France

Where Jesus Christ is at the center and the leaders and members are thriving in their relationship with and participation in his life and work. – Aron Tolentino, Philippines

A church whose members are growing spiritually, with ever-deepening relationships with Jesus. Is outwardly focused, sharing the gospel message and being a blessing to the community, family and friends. And where everyone is empowered to use their giftedness in service to each other and their communities. – Jackie Mill, UK

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