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Belong Magazine 2022

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May/June 20225

Belong Magazine
Devonional Ascention Dan Rogers
Gifts Of The Spirit Barry Robinson
Hull Easter Celebrations Anthony Dady
No Need To Wait! James Henderson
Northampton Commissioning 
Scottish Retreat 
Southern Retreat 
The Fire Starter 
Upcoming Events 

February/March 2022

Belong Magazine
A Winter Wonder Irene Wilson
Bearing Fruit With Jesus Sam Butler
For The Sake Of Other People Rick Shallenberger
Galway Celebration 
Hull Church Plant Anthony Dady
Nottingham Social 
On Mission With God Heber Ticas
Scottish Retreat 
Southern Retreat 
What It Means To Be Lost Glen Weber
You, Me And Us Hilary Buck
Your Are Blessed Heber Ticas

December 2021/January 2022

Belong Magazine
A Voice In The Wilderness Jackie Mill
I Can’t Wait Until The World Changes… Mark Mounts
More Measurables For A Healthy Church? Danny Zachariah
The Awe Of The Angels Tim Sitterley
The Grace Of Giving Bob Regazzoli
The Strength Of My Heart Eugene Guzon

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